The main purpose of the project is to setup a multilevel Network in the Mediterranean Region for stakeholders employed in the field of Voluntary Return.It aims to bring together different organisations and/or individuals from governmental institutions, NGOS, CSOs, Local Authorities, policy makers and practitioners working or would like to, in the area of voluntary return of Third Country Nationals.

The aim of the Action is to exchange information and practices with Euro-Mediterranean countries as well as non-EU members on the issue of immigrants’ return. It is expected that a wider collaboration in developing efficient, stable and on-going among the network stakeholders for the quality improvement of programmes related to the above aim.

The project partners are:

  • University of Nicosia

The project’s expected results are:

  • Involvement and participation of at least 100 individuals from relevant organizations.
  • Surveying, gathering and sharing knowledge, training skills and practices among network members, which will be drawn from a wide range of different fields of activity and specialization.
  • Empowering members, which can effectively treat common problems and promote relevant recommendations and solutions.
  • Creating "points of contact" between institutions and individuals that would otherwise be impossible to meet and cooperate.
  • Maximizing dissemination of information of the work of network members both within the network and outside the network to other interested organizations.

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