The University of Nicosia and CARDET organized the first focus group (14th February 2014) on assisted voluntary returns with representatives from Governmental Organizations, Local Authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations such as:

  • Asylum Service
  • Alien Migration Department-Ministry of Interior
  • Solidarity Funds
  • Cyprus Police-Migration Unit
  • Municipality of Agios Dometios
  • Municipality of Nicosia
  • Caritas Cyprus
  • Hope for Children

A brief presentation of the project and its objectives took place and the contribution of the participants on the discussed subject was requested. Subsequently, there was an update on the support immigrants receive before and after their departure, the current legislation in place and planned amendments to the legislation affecting the field of assisted voluntary returns.

The following topics were discussed in more detail:

  • Repatriation and statistical data regarding returns in Cyprus
  • Existing legislation on voluntary return.
  • Third country national’s lack of trust towards governmental services and authorities
  • Recommendations and suggestions about the content of the Network
  • Trip abroad – Good practices

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